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Consumers are switching back to brick and mortar local stores!

I know it seems like that doesn’t make sense with how big the internet seems to be, but we are seeing this first hand. The customers who purchased furniture online are coming back to the brick and mortar stores because they learned from their online experience. I had a woman come into our store and told me that she bought a dresser online…it had to be assembled and then it fell apart shortly after.  She was extra disappointed because we had something of a higher quality at a much less expensive price, plus we deliver and set-up. She said she couldn’t contact anyone at the company and when she did they basically told her there wasn’t a warranty, because it is too expensive to ship a replacement and pick up the damaged piece.  I had another customer tell me the sofa they ordered was uncomfortable, they didn’t like the feel of the fabric and it looked only slightly like it was pictured.  That company wouldn’t take her sofa back either…without paying the cost of shipping again and a restocking fee, which all ended up being almost the cost of the sofa originally.

We have a small, family run business. If you want to talk to an owner – you will find one of us here at almost any given moment that we are open. If you have a warranty issue – we are one call away from the factory who manufactured the product. If you want it delivered and set-up – we do that too and usually within a couple of days. If you want a custom made sofa – we have racks of swatches to choose from so your piece fits your style and design.  If you want to actually lay on the mattress you are purchasing – we have them here on display…no sense in guessing what is going to feel like.

On our Facebook page you can see some photos where I looked up a lot of the items that we sell here at the store and compared them to online stores. Everything I looked up was less expensive at our store with the sale we are currently running! Sometimes by hundreds of dollars. Who doesn’t want to save money?!

I guess one of the main reasons to shop local is because you are putting your hard earned money back into the community you live in. As a neighborhood business, we give back to many charities in this area.  The owners and employees shop in our towns, eat at our restaurants, go to our doctors, volunteer, pay taxes, etc.  It doesn’t matter where your employment is – every single job is affected, either directly or indirectly, by money directly going back into our community, county/state, other local businesses, and school districts.

I think we are all looking for ways to connect with people. It is a world of online “friends”…but,  is that actually fulfilling our need for face-to-face relationships and connections?  We are a non-commissioned store so we are here to listen and try to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Looking forward to serving you!

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Hi!  Welcome to our new website.  It is a constant work in progress and I’m working daily to make changes and update product.

We are a second generation, family owned furniture and mattress store.  We have been in business for 43 years – serving Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Lewis counties in Northern NY.